This is the style guide for conceptions wiki animals. A style guide in this case, refers to a guide that shows how to make proper pages.


When you make an animal, here is the format.

  1. Main. In here you put in a brief description of the animal.
  2. Description. (First part with a header. See how to make the header in Headers.) A description is what the animal looks like.
  3. Technical.(also uses header.) In technical, explain the animals abilities.
  4. Trivia.(also uses header.) Trivia about the animal.
  5. (Optional) Infobox. Press insert, then select playable animal
  6. Evolves from(Part of infobox.) What the animal evolves from. If it is a starter animal, then put N/A.
  7. Evolves to(Part of infobox.) What the animal evolves to. If it is a top animal, then put N/A.
  8. Level(Part of infobox.)What level the animal is.
  9. Image and caption(Part of infobox and optional.) Add an image of what the animal looks like, and a caption.

Header Making

Press = twice, then the header part will appear. Type in a name for the header, then press enter to type the text under the header.